Gain a competitive edge by embracing continuous service improvement through customer experience and feedback learnings

Continuous Service Improvement

A continuous improvement process is an ongoing business effort to improve products, services, or processes for customers and stakeholders. These efforts aim to achieve incremental improvements over time or in some cases, a breakthrough improvement all at once.

Every company claims to provide good customer service. If you do the same, you are just one of many vying for your customers’ business. If you want to break through and truly show you are different, you need to create memorable experiences that will spark curiosity and engage customers when they choose to do business with you.

Continuously changing and improving the experience you provide your customers will help you to better understand their needs, create an emotional connection and develop a deep relationship over time.

On a five-point scale, "individuals who rate their satisfaction level as '5' are likely to become return customers and might even evangelize for the firm. (A second important metric related to satisfaction is willingness to recommend. This metric is defined as "The percentage of surveyed customers who indicate that they would recommend a brand to friends." When a customer is satisfied with a product, he or she might recommend it to friends, relatives and colleagues. This can be a powerful marketing advantage.) "Individuals who rate their satisfaction level as '1,' by contrast, are unlikely to return.